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Sadly, almost all schools in the former America require children to cover their Image-of-God faces with training burkhas. The public concentration camps are upping the enforcement of the unconscionable.

The board unanimously approved a motion from board member Cameron Nuessle for “the district to give clear guidance to schools on defiance and insubordination with respect to wearing a face covering.”

Superintendent King Laurence said refusing to wear a mask could fall under the Code of Conduct’s infraction of defiance or, with repeated violations, insubordination.

A “King” issues his decree. This particular petty tyrant replaced a goon who was canned for making death threats in re a coverup of something about a computer. Not to worry! That thug, rather than being arrested, drifted into another cushy government make-work position elsewhere. But, your kids … their adherence to normalcy is defiant insubordination. This, from a “school” system with all the self-reported performance characteristics one would expect.

No masks required at the little HOME schoolhouse!