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I’ve been quietly warning Asians in Amerika I know that, after the Heritage Americans are gone, they will be the next stand-in targets. Another example:

A New York judge ruled Wednesday that Fordham University student Austin Tong’s two Instagram posts, which depicted him holding an AR-15 and a tribute to slain officer David Dorn, constituted harassment and threats.

“The court finds that the timing, and context of Tong’s Instagram posts justify the two foregoing inferences that Dean [of students] [Keith] Eldredge drew about Tong’s intent to harass and threaten his fellow students via his Instagram posts because of their opposing views regarding the BLM movement,” Appellate Term, First Department Justice Carol Edmead ruled.

Tong posted a picture on June 3 commemorating David Dorn, a retired black police officer killed during the riots in St. Louis. He captioned the photo “Y’all a bunch of hypocrites.”

A worn, 240-year-old slogan, a Chinese stand-in, a dead black policeman, and a communist indoctrination center = “racism.” There are lessons to learn here, but who likes learning? Certainly no one at any Amerikan college. Ain’t diversity grand?! PS: y’all may not be next – more like concurrent.