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I know you must be sick and tired of this story with the way the MSM has been airing it nonstop, but another black supremacist tried to rape and kill another White child.

A man [SIC] was arrested at the Coastland Center mall Tuesday after a witness said he beat a [White] girl unconscious for spurning his advances.

An officer from the Naples Police Department responded to a call at around 4 p.m. regarding a fight in the food court. Bruce Gordon, 37 [practically a “teen”], told the officer that he had struck the victim, who police say is a juvenile, in self-defense after she had accosted him unprovoked.

But a witness reported that [black supremacist] Gordon had responded violently after the [minor child White] victim had refused Gordon’s flirtation with her in the Panda Express line. The witness said Gordon swore at her, left, then returned to punch her repeatedly in the face and then kick her and stomp on her as she lay unconscious on the ground, not stopping until a bystander hurled a chair at him.

Allegedly. Allegedly. Innocent until … etc.

If any of this news is true, and come on now, then: know that .45 hollow-points work better than chairs, and; Gordon deserves to be burned alive. Also, I just know that Joe Biden will be pressed to condemn this juncture of systematic black racism and systematic pedophilic violence.

Going out? Go armed.