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Right now, at publication time, millions or semi-conscious Americans are sitting, staring at a screen, and getting fatter. Amazingly, the CDC and I agree on something: ‘Muricans are too fat, and fat is dangerous.

The warning, posted on the agency’s website Tuesday, means about two-thirds of Americans could face higher risks.

Nearly 40% of American adults are obese, which the CDC tied to poor outcomes of the infection in late June, and about 32% are overweight, according to the agency. Obese people are more likely to fall very ill with Covid-19 and be hospitalized, and the risk of death from infection increases along with higher body mass index, the CDC has said.

Okay, they frame it in terms of a hoax, but still…

‘Murican sheep are down with masks, obsessive sanitizing, social distancing, destroying their lives, “vaccine” anticipation, and probably a chip – nothing is too much to ensure their saaaaaaafety. Except, I am confident of this, shaping up. They ain’t got it in them. During the mass house arrest and unemployment of 2020, rather than getting healthy, the massive masses gained more weight in addition to pursuing other unhealthy endeavors.

Fat kills many hundreds of thousands every year, contributes to other deaths, and caused all kinds of ailments. Yet and still … ah, screw it; if you don’t know by now, back to your couches…