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The US media is buzzing loudly over the arrest of a small group of peaceful protesters in Michigan, accused of revering something called the “Bill of Rights.” (I was confused too). The oppressed group, only concerned with safeguarding civil liberties, was alleged to have contemplated bringing to justice, for her various crimes, a woman who has been compared by her critics to Adolph Hitler and whose diabolical tyranny was recently struck down as unconstitutional by her own supreme court.

“The group talked about creating a society that followed the U.S. Bill of Rights and where they could be self-sufficient,” the FBI affidavit said.

Self-sufficiency and this so-called “Bill of Rights” (???), is a no-go with the Empire and their pets at the CIA media.

At the same time, I’m sure you’ve heard nothing about the interruption of a real criminal plot in France.

French police have arrested 61 people allegedly involved in a vast child pornography network. Some of the suspects are believed to have filmed their sexual assault of minors, investigators said.

The major sting was announced by Eric Berot, head of one of the divisions within France’s sub-directorate for battling organized crime, on Thursday. The arrests were made this week during a large operation that spanned 30 of France’s regions.

So far, 61 suspects have been detained. Several suspects had been working in positions that facilitated access to children – they include teachers, religious leaders and even city hall officials.

“These arrests include everyone – all trades, all social classes, from merchants to managers, from white collar to blue collar, of all ages, from 28 to 75 years old, from all family situations, single people, those in a couple, with or without children,” Berot stated.


Remember, according to the same people who detest the Bill of Rights, #PizzaGate is just a hoax with no international arrests or anything backing it up. Once more details are known, I’m betting the plot behind this globopedo evil looks something like what was covered in THE SUBSTITUTE. Just a hunch. However it works out, you’ll continue to hear nothing about it from the US CIA media, Joe, Kamala, or any of the people committing similar crimes in the US.

Millstone! Plural, 61 for now.