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I didn’t watch, but I understand that Donald Trump had quite the heated exchange the other night with Democratic candidate Mike Chris Wallace. During their “debate,” Wallace (and some sleepy old man(???)) pressed Trump to condemn “White Supremacy” or some other nonexistent, narrative-driven foolishness. To drive the importance home, the cardboard-like old man (???) called Trump a “racist.” When I heard that, I was astounded. Why hasn’t anyone previously thought to use such commanding rhetoric against the Orange Man??? Or, any White person for that matter? I mean, “RACIST!” Wow.

Ann Coulter took on the matter as only Ann Coulter can:

After four months of looting, arson, window breaking, vandalism, intimidation, physical assaults, stabbings and shootings by Black Lives Matter and antifa, the first thing on the media’s mind is … getting Trump to condemn “white supremacists”!

It would be as if, on the morning after Pearl Harbor, the League of Nations demanded that FDR condemn American aggression in the Pacific.

This is the position of the media and the Democratic Party: Antifa must be allowed to run riot without interference from anyone. We’ve liberated antifa from district attorneys and mayors and now we’ll liberate them from individual Americans. Therefore, anyone who defends the innocent from psychotic left-wing violence will be cursed as a “white supremacist.”

So be it. This all, coupled with the previously unheard of decline in the total number of White People (in addition to a usual declining population percentage share) in the US from 2009-2019, possibly suggests that America has a lack of the thing rather than a surfeit. Stand back and stand by? How about stand up?

UPDATE: (Pre-post Alteration): After allegedly contracting the Hoax and joining the 200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, – pardon, my “zero” key is stuck – 000,000,000,000,000,000,000 perfectly healthy Amerikans who have already died at least six times each, Trump has FINALLY condemned the multi-racial Proud Boys as (multi-racial???) “White supremacists.” That settles that, right? I’m sure that nobody else will call him a “racist” from now on.

This development(s) kind of beats the life and satirical purpose out of the follow-up story I had planned for later today. Here. Here are two more examples of “White supremacy” run amuck:

“White supremacy” violence in LA;

“White supremacy” violence in Sweden;


Here’s wishing the First Family (and Hot Hicks) a speedy recovery, much the same as 99.999997% of Hoax victims experience without any ill effects. And, one does hope that Trump will use his house arrest time to put those final touches on The Storm. Stand by.