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2020 and “our form of” government, that is. I really, really like Michale Snyder and his works. But, he’s just a little out of date with this column – as many or most people are.

Will The 2020 Election Be The Beginning Of The End For Our System Of Government?

Most Americans assume that our system of government could never fail, but the truth is that it is failing right in front of our eyes. In order for our system of government to work, people need to be able to believe…

I’ll stop right there. “Most Americans” are idiots. What they assume (ass of u and me), believe, wish for, hope for, imagine, and dream about is irrelevant. If one of them should want someone to blame for 2020, then he should consult that shiny mirror-like thing in the bathroom.

“Our” system of government, as mythologized in the Most Holy and Revered Constitution (Say, “AMEN!”), ended around 1861. What emerged thereafter was steadily, relentlessly corrupted, and is now in full, terminal collapse. The collapse began some time back and, as with the rest of the process, had the full backing of those assuming, believing American idiots.

This is the middle-end of the end. This is where the fun starts.

PS: Enjoy your election! I think (assume, believe, whatever) you’ve got it and one, maybe two, more.