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It was not “The worst presidential debate of all time.

On Tuesday night the American people, or at least those unlucky millions who were not watching the Yankees-Indians game on ESPN instead, were subjected to an hour and a half of mindless shouting from two hapless sad-looking old men who looked as if they would rather be anywhere else but that auditorium in Ohio. President Trump also spoke.

It’s not a sign of a nation in decline. It’s a sign of a nation totally changed and obliterated. It wasn’t a debate. Those days are gone and will not return under the auspices of America or the United States. If you insist on a “civilized” discussion of ideas, then you’ll have to wait for a (really, really) long time. Or, you need to find another country. Maybe pray the Constitution and give me five Hail Republics?

The reality show last night changed nothing, certainly not my standing predictions. I rather enjoyed the few snippets I read after the fact. “Stand by!” And, one knows who won by the way the whole thing, not just the winner, is lambasted.

That game kinda got out of hand too, eh?