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Or, where it should be in almost all cases.

The “schools” are slowly, painfully coming back into session, with masks and fear in abundance. In the middle of August, I noted a poll that showed that 82% of American parents were afraid of sending the kids back to school and that 25% would not do so. It may be a little early to see how those positions play out in full, but we do have a new poll with some mixed results.

Now, parents report to Gallup that 89% of the kiddies will be in some form of school or another. Yes, something happened to the concerns of 82% and the resolve of 25%. Nuances: public “school,” private school, and parochial school attendance is down this year. Charter school (a concept I’ve never really understood) enrollment is up. The great news is that homeschooling has allegedly doubled!!! It’s up to ten percent of all children from five last year.

The government’s indoctrination, molestation prisons are dead. The privates are, by and large, a mixed bag. Home is where the heart, the results, and the hope is. And, homeschools are not the second-largest block in the ed demographics game. If this trend holds, then next year home education will account for more students than all other public alternatives combined.

We’ll borrow a label and call these home students the talented tenth of the future!