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Because that sounds better than some combination of Amerika and Zimbabwe. The debt is projected to soar beyond belief sooner than most expected.

The coronavirus pandemic pushed the government into the proverbial corner, prompting it to borrow heavily from the future to ward off a serious threat today. Without this intervention, the U.S. economy would be in a much worse recession or possibly even a depression. Even though borrowing excessively may have been the lesser of two evils, the burgeoning debt will have ramifications in the future. With the debt approaching $27 trillion, and projected to rise to $78 trillion by 2028, it will present significant challenges.

The only truth in that word salad is in the numbers. Those are precisely in line with my prediction of a $40T debt by 2024. The 2028 figure is a mere doubling over two presidential terms, which has been the pattern for decades now. The charade is over. They’re just printing until the thing blows up now. But hey, since we “owe it to ourselves,” we’re richer than Midas!