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As is any inherent ability, expectation, sanity, and anything, everything else. California colleges drop the (effective, useful, and admittedly not biased) SAT.

The empirical evidence clearly shows that the SAT is not biased, such that SAT scores are a valid predictor of college success regardless of your demographic background. In fact, the strength of the relationship between SAT scores and college performance appears to be getting stronger in recent years, whereas the strength of the relationship between high school GPA and college performance is getting weaker.


Based on these results (and more), the special task force recommended that the UC continue to use the SAT in the admissions process.

But then, on May 21, 2020, the University of California Regents released a statement. They announced their decision to drop the SAT requirement for all applicants to all UC schools. {snip}

I mean, why bother to qualify students anymore? Everyone deserves to go to college and pick up the six-figures worth of usury, a hangover, and little else. In the future, employers would be better served to administer IQ tests to prospective employees instead of looking at meaningless credentials. Oh, wait, Griggs. Never mind. Just enjoy the ride, I guess.