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The child-molesting communists who run your child’s government indoctrination center are worried that they’ll have to work this fall. And, should we stick with online “learning,” they have another problem.

A Philadelphia teacher wondered on Twitter how educators will cope with “conservative parents” listening in on virtual classes.

Matthew Kay, who teaches English at the Science Leadership Academy, a Philadelphia public school, tweeted over the weekend he is concerned about the “damage” that “helicopter parents” might cause if they overhear lessons on topics such as gender and sexuality, the Daily Wire reported.

At this science leadership academy, where an astounding 67.5% of the students rated “proficient” in science in 2019, what that insulting word salad means is that they fear normies learning about their attempts to inculcate the “love” of sodomy and the rest of the luciferian doctrine in the studentry. You watching and paying attention and then getting righteously angry might hinder the progress towards Gomorrah.

The good news, for these low-lives, is that few normies are awake and aware enough to care. Do you?

“School”-wise, we wait on that TPC magic!