Tom Ironsides, in one of our “talks,” mentioned that what’s happening with the hoax, as applied to the masses, looks a lot like what the CIA does to people at their black sites. Does science confirm this?

For much of psychology’s history, personality – the set of enduring habits of behaviour, emotion and thought that form each person’s unique identity – was considered set in stone, at least beyond early adulthood. Research over the last few decades, however, has led to a consensus that, while personality traits are relatively stable, they are not completely fixed. Instead they continue to evolve through life and in response to major life events.

In other words, from a theoretical perspective, there is every possibility that at least some of us will have been left changed by lockdown.

Was this one of the major purposes of the hoax? If so, it appears to be working smashingly. But not with us. You and I are just fine. Promise. [twitches]