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Oops. They’re already changing the spin on the latest false Russia nonsense.

The New York Times is doubling down on claims that Russia offered bounties for the killing of US troops in Afghanistan, but now says local criminals and not the Taliban were the recipients, again offering no actual evidence.

Back in the dying US, the agents are holding to the main lies about the color revolution riots. George Floyd’s autopsy reads differently than the lies you’ve been told. This along with the undisclosed bodycam footage could (or could in a sane legal system) lead to not guilty verdicts, thus ensuring riots perpetual. At TPC, I originally wrote that Floyd’s death looked like murder. Looks can be deceiving, especially when someone has severe heart disease, other diseases, and multiple narcotics in him – including a big old dose of Fentanyl. Not that any of this matters to the peaceful protesters. (I’m still waiting on Sherman [statue in Central Park, NYC], folks).