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Having ventured among the fearful this afternoon, this issue is fresh in my mind. Two years ago I wrote yet another commentary on yet another liberty shed in our collective social distance zone between Mexico and Canada. I think people should be able to drive and talk on the phone if they want to, though increasingly I find both activities tedious. This assertion offended several conservatives who suggested that losing a little essential liberty really isn’t that bad.

Fast forward to the Clown World of 2020, and some of the same conservatives fear “making a habit” out of the hoax. The slippery slope isn’t a fallacy, it’s a law of physics. Amerikans love falling for any and every hoax that comes along, no matter how foolish or degrading the requirements. It’s not a habit to make, it’s already deeply ingrained in the mores of a collapsed society.

They couldn’t even conserve uncovered faces…