I read another education realism/horror story, at Am-Ren. I was going to link to it, but I’ve kind of burned myself out on education for the moment. That, and the CoronaCold seems to have temporarily resolved most of the problems (Praise!). So, on that issue, I’ll just say HOMESCHOOL!!!

There was also an eye-opening email that came in yesterday, from a southern school district. It contained a list, a large one. None of it pertained to me or mine, but it was nonetheless disturbing. America (when it was) was a nation of laws. Now it’s a nation-shaped kind of place with laws – A LOT of them. Several of them say that student information shall be kept private and not, you know, broadcast in an email list to people like me. I’d go further with this but, again, burning out, and it’s the kind of thing that most people just don’t care about. In the hopper, maybe.

TPC Preview! I have a dandy sports-related column coming together for next week. Then again, I had a dandy ed column for last/this week. Hmmm. Maybe the burnout is contagious. Anyway, I suppose I’ve wasted enough of your time with issues I won’t be addressing. Next week, some other stuff…