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Remember Raygun Ronny? The “era of big government is over?” Reagan made the statement even as he doubled the size of the government and the debt. Bush (the first) made a similar statement as he doubled them. Clinton: stated but doubled again. Bush II: doubled. Obama: doubled. Orange Man: doubling in progress.

So, if it never went away, how can it be back?

History shows that big national shocks have a way of changing the role of government in lasting ways—and any shock as big as the coronavirus pandemic inevitably will alter political life and philosophies in America.

The crisis has been not just a public-health emergency requiring a sweeping response, but also the cause of the most searing economic pain since the Great Depression, summoning forth a multi-trillion-dollar government intervention into the economy.

Blah, blah, blah. The poll shows that more Republicants support the “new” big government than Demoncrats. The conservative thing, again.