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Congratulations, voters of Amerika! You and your elected morons have done it yet again, though bigger than ever. Remember waaaay back, like a week ago, when your rats passed the biggest welfare bill in history? The one with the massive grant or loan fiasco for small bidnesses? Yeah, it’s already spent, with nothing to show.

One of the most celebrated pieces of the massive $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief package that’s just over two weeks old is on life support with no deal in sight to resuscitate it.

According to the latest projections, the Small Business Administration’s $349 billion appropriation for loans to eligible firms, which are forgiven if they use the money to keep workers on their payrolls, will run out of money by Friday.

And the Democrats want more money to waste. They’ll get it, and, really, why not? A reminder to the Republican, conservative, better than the Democrats, need a business man!! crowd: you got exactly what you wanted and now you’re getting what you deserve.

President Trump, with the support of Congress, is poised to preside over an unprecedented explosion of government spending that already is set to shatter deficit records and could grow further if plans for more coronavirus relief bills — nearing a potential total price tag of $5 trillion — become reality.

Even accounting for inflation, no modern administration has seen such levels of spending, covering everything from FDR’s New Deal to recession-era rescues in the early part of the Obama administration.

Not to worry: you still have your Constitution!*

*Constitution “temporarily” suspended.