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Just moments ago, the babbling idiots on CNBC BRAGGED!!! about the multiplier effect, noting (correctly) that for every dollar in “public” loans from that hideous $2+ Trillion bailout, five to ten dollars in private bankster loans can be created. *Poof* Instant “money.” This sounds oddly like what Todd Vispoli tried to explain to the sheeple back on St. Paddy’s Day:

There used to be a ratio – nine to one or ten to one. For every dollar in public debt, they could technically manufacture another nine on the private side, though they didn’t always do it or have to. Now, that’s a thing of the past. There are, now, no reserves to manipulate. It’s all debt-based fakery and smoke, and now, they just print whenever and whatever they think will work. Or, that they think they can get away with.

They get away with a lot. And, people brag about it. So, two trillion could become ten to twenty trillion. Like magic.

Meanwhile, Orange Man is bigger than the Batchelor.

Welcome to Clown World, the pandemic edition.