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It no longer exists, if it ever did in other than but theory. The one Representative trying to live up to all the lies the Republicans told in days gone by is the one they want to get rid of. Tweeted the Marmalade Moron:

“Looks like a third rate Grandstander named @RepThomasMassie, a Congressman from, unfortunately, a truly GREAT State, Kentucky, wants to vote against the new Save Our Workers Bill in Congress,” Trump wrote. “He just wants the publicity. He can’t stop it, only delay, which is both dangerous …& costly. Workers & small businesses need money now in order to survive. Virus wasn’t their fault. It is ‘HELL’ dealing with the Dems, had to give up some stupid things in order to get the ‘big picture’ done. 90% GREAT! WIN BACK HOUSE, but throw Massie out of Republican Party!”

Well, might as well do so; he’s just making them look semi-responsible. As an accelerationist, I, of course, support the boondoggle (and the coming versions too).

To fairly spread the blame, I just heard the worthless Italian wonder, Andrew Cuomo (rhymes with “go-home-o”), whine about “the enemy” in this “war” “targeting” – do you see the pattern? – the most vulnerable. This, from the “man” who recently legalized infanticide.

You’re running out of elections to play with, so enjoy what you can. You have ruined your nation.