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Slight revision: five percent decline to 24%.

Goldman Sachs economists on Friday forecast an unprecedented 24% decline in second quarter gross domestic product, following a 6% decline in the first quarter, based on the economy’s sudden and historic shutdown as the country responds to the coronavirus pandemic [HOAX].

Yes! The same Goldman that sucked up $900 Billion the last time. Soeaking of sucking, way to go Congress-Critters.

Revealed: Four senators dumped millions in stocks while Capitol Hill was being briefed on the coronavirus threat but BEFORE markets started tanking
Richard Burr, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee which was directly briefed on coronavirus, sold up to $1.7m in stock between January and February
Dianne Feinstein, on the same committee, sold up to $6m in stock in same period
Kelly Loeffler, on the Senate Health Committee, sold up to $3.1m in stock starting on the day her committee was briefed by the CDC
James Inhofe sold up to $400k in stocks including real estate all on January 27

And, way to go, voters! Your wise choices have certainly helped things along – all the way to this bright, shining, new dark age.