Those darn kids are at it again, refusing to stop living when faced with a hoax. Won’t they think of the precious Baby Boomers?!

Scientists and government officials fighting the coronavirus epidemic say they have a problem: Carefree youths.

As authorities moved to restrict social gatherings last week, bars and restaurants from New York to Berlin filled up with revelers, illegal “lockdown parties” popped up in France and Belgium, and campuses in the U.S. lit up for end-of-the-world dorm parties.

So far, most young Covid-19 patients have experienced mild or no symptoms from the virus, while more severe cases are concentrated among those aged 50 and over. Data released last week by the National Health Institute in Italy, currently the world’s worst-hit country, shows mortality rates starting at 0% for patients aged 0 to 29 and edging up to peak at 19% for those over 90.

Only Boomers could be surprised by this. Why should the younger generations give a damn about the people who destroyed Western societies, stole all the money, and tried to abort away the younger generations? Party on, kids.