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A certain subset of extremely mentally-ill and wicked people in society has effectively cowed the “moral majority,” the inmates literally running the asylum. Right now, they are hard at work pushing the “P” at the end of their ever-elongating acronym. The “C” is right behind it. The symbols give them away (in addition to fluff pieces in the mainstream media):

Photos out of Washington D.C. show a pro-abortion protester wearing unusual earrings — featuring a crocodile eating a baby.

And, there’s this: from the “story hour” brigade:

Video: Drag Queen Simulates Cutting Baby Out of Her Womb, Drinking Blood. Video out of New York shows a drag queen simulating cutting a baby out of her womb, drinking blood and pulling its head off as onlookers in a bar cheer.

The clip shows Blair Back during a performance of a drag show at an unnamed bar in New York.

Back uses a knife to hack open a pouch in her clothing meant to resemble a womb before dragging fake blood and guts out of it and drinking some of the blood.

Watch that video. Listen carefully to the first twenty seconds of the lyrics in the song. As the onlookers cheer. Molest the children. Kill the children. EAT the children. You can have civilization. Or, you can have this insane degeneracy. Consult Romans 1:32, with attention to the onlookers (those who approve).