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Derek Thompson, a millennial, takes aim at the trio of elderly gents in the presidential pony show contest. Trump, Biden, and Sanders are old, that’s certain. However, the ending of his article doesn’t help the cause of sprightly discontent:

Finally, the most important challenge before the U.S. and the world—climate change—is profoundly intergenerational. Solving it requires a farsighted approach to diplomacy, invention, and technological deployment that a creaky old country will simply never master. This crisis urgently requires the input and ideas of the generations that will be most affected by it. If government of the elderly, by the elderly, and for the elderly will not perish from the Earth, the rest of us might suffer instead.

The ancient plutocrats can’t remember their names; this will not alleviate the unicorn epidemic. I’ve thought of a Gen-Xer who could potentially bail the nation out if elected. He’d loath running and you probably wouldn’t vote for him anyway.