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The LGBTP brigade is suing the state of South Carolina over one of the last shreds of sanity and decency in the failed SC government schools. All over the legally-mandated way that sex education is supposed to be taught to children. The state make-work idiots and conservatives have already conceded defeat. (Shock!)

State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman, named as a defendant in the lawsuit, agrees that the law is on shaky ground.

She requested an opinion on its constitutionality from South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson. That opinion says “a court would likely conclude” that the law violates the equal protection clause requiring that people in similar circumstances be treated the same under the law.

“Whether we agree or not, the Constitution is the Constitution,” Solicitor General Robert D. Cook wrote in the opinion.

“I agree with the arguments and evidence presented in the opinion,” Spearman said in a statement. “I also believe that parents should continue to have the final say in whether or not their child participates in health education curriculum.”

State Superintendent of Schools. South Carolina. Hmm. It seems there was this guy in a recent novel who dismissed a similar official as a simpleton. Art imitating life or something. At any rate, the law was never enforced. From the CIA’s Scholastic’s Read 180 program to the social studies texts to clubs, libraries, etc., the LGBTP lifestyle is not only taught and tolerated but celebrated in SC public schools (in yours too). The preemptive caving is par for the conservative course. Why wait for the courts to invent new rights for the mentally ill? Better to force everyone else to bow immediately – even lower than they are already forced to. Really, what else can one expect from people who are adamantly anti-Christian and anti-civilizational?

You do have the final say, however. So say something like: classical education, private school, church school, or homeschool. Maybe consider suing the state for stealing your tax money to indoctrinate other people’s kids in something that offends your freedoms?