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Based on the WSJ headline, I was going to say something like “watch these students thrive.” Kind of like the city that took everyone off social security and saw a surge in retirement savings. Anyway, this schooling issue is in Hong Kong. They’d have phenomenal results regardless of what they did.

Concerns about coronavirus have led to a two-month school closure for the city’s 800,000 students, prompting a crash course in digital learning.

Instead of calling off lessons, many schools expect students to keep up their work online, sending them assignments to complete and submit for grading. Six-year-olds are writing nonfiction books and toddlers are having live video interactions with nursery-school teachers.

The academic experiment has children and their parents, many of whom also have to work at home because their offices are closed, crammed into the same space. It’s a potential harbinger of what might face the U.S. if the virus continues to spread.

Always look for outside examples. Just don’t expect US kids to write books, or even read many. It will be interesting if the HL schools discover this approach works better and switch to it permanently.