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So long, fiscal hawks! These rare birds were to the national debt what conservatives, in general, are to everything else – useless.

But with Trump in office, “we’re a lot less interested as a party,” the former budget chief said, calling the growing deficit “extraordinarily disturbing.”

The White House budget proposal released last week abandons Trump’s deficit cutting promises and relies on economic growth assumptions most economists dismiss as unrealistic to pay down the debt.

The Congressional Budget Office predicts the deficit will surpass $1 trillion and government debt will reach 81 percent of GDP by the end of September.

“The fiscal hawks are clearly an endangered species,” Bill Hoagland, a former Senate budget staffer, told AFP. “I really can’t pinpoint anybody that’s willing to step up and clear the plate.”

This is going to end in disaster for America. It’s just a question of what kind of disaster and when. The debt will never be paid down. That raptor flew the coup long ago, back when the hawks still strutted and ruffled their own feathers. It’s going to be canceled – along with all the other fiat-usury-based garbage. Practical politics will fail again, leaving the dissolution to the market and to history. Cue the Breakup song! But, not today. Party today like it’s Trumpteen-99.