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Okay. I try to keep these posts centered on the ever-so-cheerful happenings of national and international politics, economics, etc. Sometimes, local stories do creep in – usually as antidotes. That’s fine. But, sometimes, like today, they barge in.

As everyone must know, a six-year-old girl in SC was murdered recently. One could not help but see the story. Verizon saw fit to send this directly to my phone (thanks!). And it popped up on every news site I look at, including those in Europe and Asia. Why? Why so much attention?

Something is not right with this story – beyond the fact that a six-year-old girl was murdered. I’m a little busy right now, so I can’t devote any real time to the matter. But, the feel is off. A cursory snooping into the life and times of Cody Scott Taylor yielded terms like “incel,” “male roommate,” “obsessed,” “weird,” “gay,” and the odd name of his HS robot. Little things add up in the mind.

Three things:

Watch your kids!

A society in terminal decline.