Hard to take the EU’s side in anything, but that’s the power or influence of Farcebook.

Despite Zuckerberg’s whirlwind schedule — which was treated more like a state visit by a national leader than a series of meetings with a corporate executive — Commission officials remain overtly skeptical of Facebook’s intentions.

Talking to reporters Monday, Breton dismissed Zuckerberg’s suggestions on potential ways to regulate online content, saying they were “too low in terms of responsibility and regulation [and] there is nothing on market power,” in reference to Facebook’s dominance over much of social media

Breton also dismissed Zuckerberg’s proposal for a third status for Facebook that would fall between telecom provider and publisher while expressing skepticism at the idea of one single EU regulator. Taking the stage alongside the Facebook chief executive, the French official cut off the tech boss from speaking, something that Zuckerberg is not accustomed to.

Want cake. Eat too. Good for Brussels (egads!).

Now, if only a certain Kangaroo Kongress would come around.