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For Trump to get serious about draining the swamp – if he’s going to do it.

Now that he’s been acquitted of two impeachment charges, they’re bracing for payback.

It may be about to begin. The White House is weighing a plan to dismiss Alexander Vindman from the National Security Council after he offered damning testimony in the House impeachment inquiry, positioning the move as part of a broader effort to shrink the foreign policy bureaucracy, two people familiar with the matter said.

“I’m not happy with him,” Trump told reporters Friday when asked about Vindman.

It’s not just the witnesses — such as Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, an NSC analyst — who could face retribution for speaking out. The deeper anxiety among many career national security officials is that Trump, feeling vindicated by the Senate’s acquittal, will act on long-harbored suspicions that bureaucrats at the State Department and the NSC are out to undermine his agenda.

Unburdened by impeachment, they fear that Trump could unleash his anger at the foreign policy establishment he’s long equated with what some of his advisers and supporters call the “Deep State.”

There’s no need for or point in negotiating now. They took their coup shot and failed. Now would be a great time to crank up “the storm.” A little rain and wind never hurt Washington.