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Literally calling the armed police on one for nothing.

The mother of a 6-year-old with Down syndrome says the Tredyffrin-Easttown School District mishandled an incident involving her daughter after she pretended to shoot her teacher with her finger. Maggie Gaines says 6-year-old Margot, a student at Valley Forge Elementary School, now has a police report on file.

In November, Margot became frustrated and made a gesture that sparked a disciplinary investigation.

The Tredyffrin-Easttown School District calls it a threat assessment.

It was concluded nobody was in harm’s way as a result of Margot’s statement and her words were labeled a transient threat, which Gaines explains was an expression of anger.

However, the district said its policy still called for the police to be contacted.

A transient threat to their policy of complete and utter uselessness.

Again, read THE SUBSTITUTE. This episode is what happens when fear barely edges idiocy as the driving force in “education.” The 10,001 fears of the moronic feminists, homos, and communists who run the educational concentration camps manifested in a baby with a case of silly frustration. So they say. Odds are, the girl was sufficiently threatened by something as to make use of the only defensive weapon she had, her finger.

This one makes me even angrier than most of these “=” stories. Ordinarily, this is where I have the honor of digitally bodyslamming a school or school system with their own reported statistics. FOR ONCE, we have stumbled across an institution that allegedly performs about as well as could be expected. My (fast and lazy) research shows that VFES runs way ahead of the rest of PA, scoring what is generally considered “passing” averages in overall proficiency assessments: 75% in math, 90% in English, and an amazing 95% in science. Although, given that this school calls the cops on special needs toddlers, and thus might be open to suspicions of other things like score inflation, I’ll give them the high marks. But, not congratulations. In a way, it makes things worse – if a “good” school treats children like this, then…

More statistics follow, generalized, as I know nothing about this particular little victim beyond that she looks adorable:

Average weight of a six-year-old girl: 45 pounds – less than the mass of six gallons of milk; somewhere on this site, there’s a picture of me single-arm curling more weight.

Average IQ of an adult with Down’s: 50 – about that of a younger child, for an adult; here, we’re already dealing with a younger child.

Total number of people EVER killed or harmed by a pointed finger “gun” – 0.000.

Were this a standalone event, they’d be due some measure of deference. It’s not. This is a case of the system working perfectly as planned. Get out of it.