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The state schools most parents send their children off to every day are vehemently anti-Christian. The assertion of evolution uber alles is but one example.

For nearly 100 years the American State has been waging war on Creationism and promoting Evolutionism. This war has primarily been waged in the arena of public education, but also in everyday life in which the State’s representatives consistently mock those who adhere to Creationism. The State has declared that it is unconstitutional to teach Creationism in public school, which is quite curious considering the fact that the people who wrote the Constitution were creationists themselves. Thus, the question presented to us is why does the State promote evolution? The answer is quite simple: the theory of Darwinian Evolution is incompatible with Christianity and thus the promotion of evolution is simply part of the State’s war on the Christian faith. States have always hated anything that competes with them in regards to loyalty from the citizenry. Christians have long held that they will “obey God rather than men” and this has always irritated the State. Throughout much of history this has not been a problem for States since they were intermingled with religion and the leaders of the States were considered divine or at the very least divinely appointed. However, once Church and State separated, the State realized they had competition from the Church and could not be all-powerful as long the Church was around. Thus, the campaign to tear down religion, particularly Christianity, began. After all, Karl Marx himself understood the significance of Darwin in his attempt to create an all-powerful State, saying “Darwin’s work is most important and suits my purpose in that it provides a basis in natural science for the historical class struggle.” Engels, who co-wrote The Communist Manifesto, made it even clearer: “There was one aspect of teleology that had yet to be demolished, and that has now been done.” This meant that the idea of a divine purpose in nature, teleology, was destroyed by Darwin.

The reason the State has been effective in this arena is because it is true that if one accepts the theory of evolution, they must reject Christianity. The two are incompatible and thus Christians ought to reject Darwinian Evolutionism. In order to demonstrate why the State has chose to promote evolution so vehemently, I will make a brief argument as to why it is incompatible with Christianity.

How this was ever tolerated when the nation was a nation and solidly Christian remains a mystery. Now, the effects are evident. I’d guess that a slight majority of students are still nominally Christian. The second-largest group, however, would be atheists/pagans/satanists. If I had to assign percentages, they would be something like 55% Godly, 35% worldly, and 10% “other.” Give that another decade and the war may be won by the enemy.

Christianity is the only religion they are intent on destroying. Interestingly, they do so by promoting a false religion. For 100 years, the evil-doers have violated their own cherished if fictional wall of separation. Good luck trying to enjoin that activity. Even if your child has an ironclad faith, she will still be under constant attack and/or suspicion. Get her out.