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With many more to come. The AfD, like all the traditional, Western right, rises.

People from across the political spectrum quickly condemned the tacit cooperation between CDU, FDP and AfD in social media posts.

“Every decent liberal should be ashamed that an FDP man has been elected with votes from the AfD,” tweeted Hubertus Heil, federal labour minister from the Social Democratic Party (SPD).

Voices within the FDP were divided, with board member Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann tweeting that the “unacceptable and unbearable” alliance made it a “bad day for me as a liberal”.

Then, maybe consider moving; you ain’t seen nothing yet. Germany, France, Italy, the UK – it’s happening. What transpires politically in Europe this decade will serve as an inspiration to those in America tasked with rebuilding during the 2030s.

Fortuna sanctorum.