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The gun-control mania marches on in the Commonwealth.

The Virginia House passed several gun-control bills Thursday, including universal background checks and a “red flag” measure to remove firearms temporarily from people deemed dangerous, moving the state closer to adopting a series of new restrictions.

Versions of some of the measures also have passed the Senate but with differences the two Democratic-led chambers will need to iron out before sending the bills to Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat who has been pushing for tougher gun laws.

The gun-control debate has been a fiery one since Mr. Northam’s party won majorities in both Virginia legislative chambers this month. About 22,000 people, many armed, attended a pro-gun rally outside the state capitol last week to protest new restrictions.

In addition, many counties and communities in the state pre-emptively declared themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries” that won’t follow laws they say violate the federal or state constitutions.

In very related news, the same Luciferians are pushing to make abortions less safe (what happened to that BS argument?) and more readily available:

Both chambers passed different bills on abortion this week, including a Senate measure that required a tie-breaking vote from Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax to pass. Both bills would allow medical workers beyond only doctors to provide abortions, with the House bill permitting physicians assistants, nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives to perform the procedure. Other steps in the bills, which the two chambers have yet to reconcile, include eliminating requirements for pre-abortion ultrasounds.

22,000 armed protesters? The founding generation might have thought that sufficient to storm the Capitol and fix things. Of course, they liked things fixed.