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A new poll finds that a majority of the world’s people are tired of the tyranny of democracy.

The world is unhappier with democracy than ever, new research has claimed.

In a report published Wednesday, researchers from Cambridge University analyzed the political sentiment of more than 4 million people, using data from survey projects that covered 154 countries between 1995 and 2020.

The proportion of people who said they were dissatisfied with democracy over the last year hit 57.5%, according to the report, with researchers saying 2019 marked “the highest level of democratic discontent” on record.

Authors noted that over the last 25 years, the number of individuals dissatisfied with democratic politics around the world rose from a third to more than half.

Democracy is self-abuse, the collective belief in the wisdom of selfish and stupid individuals. And, my money says the selfishness part is what’s largely behind the polling: people want the free stuff faster than their votes can provide it. This is all good and bad. Ever seeking a better tyrant, the people will open themselves to whatever Greta, Bloomberg, or anyone else says or promises. The sheep want better grass.