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Mass Attendance, mass surveillance, what’s the difference? And, these days, what is the point of attending most Amerikan universities? The University of Missouri mandates spying on its student inmates.

New students at the University of Missouri will be required to participate in a tracking program designed to measure and enforce class attendance, according to a new report from The Kansas City Star.

Despite privacy concerns, officials defended the decision as one to the benefit of students, as the school’s athletics department has already been using the same app, SpotterEdu, to track certain student-athletes.

“From labs to auditoriums our technology can expand to cover any size of space accurately and precisely” Tweet This
“A student will have to participate in this recording of attendance,” Jim Spain, vice provost for undergraduate studies at MU, said in a statement to The Kansas City Star.

Individual professors have to opt-in to using the app, but once they do, students in those professors’ classes will not be able to opt-out.

SpotterEDU, developed by a former basketball coach, is designed to monitor a user’s attendance by “pinpoint[ing] students within a classroom until they leave, providing continuous, reliable and non-invasive attendance,” according to the app’s website. While the app ensures that students are in the classroom during class times, it claims it does not track students’ locations anywhere else.

“We only care if students are in class during class; no GPS tracking means we can’t locate them anywhere else,” the app’s website states.

However, the app is not incapable of tracking students’ locations outside the classroom.

They even use Newspeak! We can’t track them elsewhere, only in class. Well, it’s not incapable of outside tracking. BTW, SEC school graduates, that means it is capable of tracking them outside. And, it will. This isn’t ripe for abuse. It is abuse. By the same Mizzou (Columbia) that rates a solid “D” on ACTA’s 2019 What Will They Learn index. (St. Louis also = “D,” Kansas City = “F”). So, what will they learn? Not much, outside of the joys of being herded like cattle, lied too and fleeced. “F” that.