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Post 3,001 … back on the sad state of world politics. But, this is a story about the stories. There’s a wide gulf of a difference between reporting around the world.

In the US, Drudge, CNN, etc. lamented the sad spectacle of the latest Democratic “debate.” Yeah, TrumpSlide. Elsewhere, the same sources provided lackluster commentary (OH WOW! WHAT?) on the Putin/Medvedev shakeup (again) in Russia. The dynamic duo certainly plots something. What? Other sources speculate in various ways.

RT has a humorous, it’ll-be-okay approach.

The Asia Times sees something familiar – a ploy to keep power for life.

Which is right? Who knows. The point is to get off the standard US right-left charade and make independent assessments. There, that wasn’t so painful, now was it?