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The following was made just before Iran culled the Predator fleet, and it misses several additional lies and omissions. But, it’s very good.

You can tell it’s accurate (if incomplete) because the CIA Youtube put the stamp of truth on it:

Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 10.13.18 AM

Number Seven: Soleimani was our ally, fighting WITH Imperial US special forces, in Afghanistan, from the beginning of that ginned-up lie of a war.

Number Eight: The Pentagram can’t even provide a single concrete excuse for Soleimani’s murder. Even dumbshit Republican Senators are noticing.

Number Nine: The US Imperial mercenary contractor (with a CIA-connected company) and baby-anchored naturalized American US “citizen” was an Iraqi.

But, the shit stupid people love their lies. Nisti Servitus.