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Didn’t even make it a full two days before the same shit started in earnest. Yay! A few things:

  1. There is not, nor has there been, a siege on the US Embassy in Baghdad – which is in the “green zone,” btw. Smoke and a mob running hither and tither? Fake. There’s a book by a German journalist that … nevermind,
  2. I had just found a news article (from Asia) that starts to tell the truth about this FAKE Iran-Iraq fakery. But, instead,
  3. Trump goes and puts forth his best argument form removing himself from office (which still won’t happen). Please read those two Asia Times articles and see if you can’t pick out a pattern. Even if you can’t, you also can’t provide any valid reason for the Empire involvement in the SandBox.

2020 So Far: There is an active deep state coup against Trump. Trump does nothing about it. Trump then uses the same arguments and equipment that he could easily use to put down the coup, to instead start WW3. Gonna cut this analysis short – I’ve done this hundreds of times before.

Y’all are going to lose a carrier.

UPDATE: Iran has already filled Gen. Soleimani’s position.

UPDATE: Lindsey Graham is a goddamned idiot:

Screenshot 2020-01-03 at 6.08.04 AM

OK, Done for now…