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After reading some fake news from ABC about gun control and “school shootings” – with an example I know to be false (yawn), I stumbled across a letter to the small town editor from a clover.

The so-called rotaries are an example of Yankee idiocracy, not to be confused with Rebel ingenuity, infecting our cherished Dixieland.

I first encountered these traffic devices while serving in the U.S. Navy, stationed in New England. We sailors had a special name for them: Balley Circuits; with slang expression of the “guts” one must demonstrate to take the right of way.

Barely missed a collision in the rotary, today, at the upper end of Laney Walker Boulevard in Augusta. A driver came barreling in so fast I never saw her coming as I entered the rotary. Of course, she thought that I was the bad guy.

It’s like four-way stops, where you never know what the other person will do; and, it’s dangerous.

Yes, Yankee idiocracy. That’s why these terrible monstrosities are found all over the world, from Paris to Mexico City to Tokyo, where they serve very well to keep traffic moving. It only requires that drivers possess basic skills behind the wheel. Hence, Cleetus’s problem. He’s a moron. And, his letter serves as an admission that he does not know how to drive. Notice that he’s also opposed to four-way stops. What does he want? Lights. Everywhere. Needed or not. For his kind, slow is optimal and stopped is maximal. Worse, he expects you and me to operate by his rules. The simple solution – to sidestep all the dangers – is for him to stop driving. He won’t do that because he’s as selfish as he is stupid. You’ll encounter him or someone like him on your next motor outing.