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The Storm? This thing is so ridiculous – in multiple ways – that I found it nearly impossible to pull appropriate quotes. It’s almost 500 pages. Like a giant paper shield? This one might be what really matters, recommendation number nine:

• The FBI should review the performance of all employees who had responsibility for the preparation, Woods review, or approval of the FISA applications, as well as the managers, supervisors, and senior officials in the chain of command of the Carter Page investigation for any action it deems appropriate.

The coup, to include the Russia-Ukraine-impeachment hoax, started well before Trump was ever elected. The IG pins it as ten days after Trump was nominated but the plans were likely in place earlier, maybe in 2015 when he announced his candidacy. Back to no. 9, above: I’d leave NOTHING else to the FBI. However, Trump should take any action he deems appropriate. If I were him, then I would deem it appropriate to declare this coup a coup and prosecute it accordingly, meaning immediately and militarily, pursuant to the Lincoln-Bush-Obama Doctrine. Light. Them. Up. All of them.