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Odd that they neglect it at all other times. At any rate, the House “Intelligence” Committee projection report is out.

Constitutional Authority for Congressional Oversight and Impeachment

The House’s Constitutional and legal authority to conduct an impeachment inquiry is clear, as is the duty of the President to cooperate with the House’s exercise of this authority.

Article I of the U.S. Constitution gives the House of Representatives the “sole Power of Impeachment.” The Framers intended the impeachment power to be an essential check on a President who might engage in corruption or abuse of power. Congress is empowered to conduct oversight and investigations to carry out its authorities under Article I. Because the impeachment power is a core component of the nation’s Constitutional system of checks and balances, Congress’ investigative authority is at its zenith during an impeachment inquiry.

So, investigate first, open the impeachment proceedings when? Not that any of this will help the enemy combatants in the slightest in 2020. Ball’s in Nancy’s court now, the voter’s next fall.