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I’m sure you’re out walking off those holiday pounds, if only at a black Friday sale. And, pounds Americans do have to lose. Fatter than ever

As the second decade of the 21st century ends, a look back at 2010-2019 finds that more Americans have said they weigh at least 200 pounds than did so from 2001-2009. An average of 28% of Americans said they weighed 200 pounds or more from 2010-2019, up from 24% during the prior decade. Accordingly, Americans’ average self-reported weight has also risen, to 178 pounds — up from 174 pounds during the previous decade, with similar increases among men (4 pounds) and women (3 pounds).

More lies than ever too. The stats are waaaay off. A simple look around will tell you the average Amerikan is over 300 pounds, ugly, with 18 tattoos, insane, and shit stupid. The gross obesity literally feeds the mental decline.

From DTI, the researchers derived a measure called fractional anisotropy (FA), which correlates with the condition of the brain’s white matter. A reduction in fractional anisotropy is indicative of increasing damage in the white matter.

The results showed reduction of FA values in the obese adolescents in regions located in the corpus callosum, a bundle of nerve fibre that connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Decrease of fractional anisotropy was also found in the middle orbitofrontal gyrus, a brain region related to emotional control and the reward circuit. None of the brain regions in obese patients had increased fractional anisotropy.

According to researchers, this pattern of damage correlated with some inflammatory markers, like leptin, a hormone made by fat cells that helps regulate energy and fat stores.

In some obese people, the brain doesn’t respond to leptin, causing them to keep eating despite adequate or excessive fat stores. This condition, known as leptin resistance, makes the fat cells produce even more leptin.

Worsening condition of the white matter was also associated with levels of insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas that helps regulate blood sugar levels. Obese people often suffer from insulin resistance.

I’m confident that another 700 million third world invaders and a wealth tax can fix this.