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Little liar Gloomberg is telling short tale while pandering his way toward nomination defeat next year.

Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that the United States needs “an awful lot more immigrants rather than less.”

On his second day campaigning for the Democratic nomination, the former New York City mayor contrasted his views on immigration with President Donald Trump’s restrictive policies and laid out a vision of a multicultural society enriched by immigrants.

Doomberg, ironically, proved just why immigrants are too dangerous to tolerate. And, what is the obsession with the population? Beyond political control, I mean. Birth-rates and invasion and that’s it. If the birthrate is at an all-time low, then why does the total population keep rising?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed the findings of their 2018 study on Wednesday.

There were 3,791,712 registered births in the US, a figure lower than the amount of babies needed to replenish the population.

The total fertility rate, which is the amount of offspring a hypothetical woman will have in her lifetime, had also dropped.

For 2018, that figure stood at 1,729.5 births per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44, which marked four years where the rate had decreased.

In order to keep the current population stable, there would need to be 2,100 births per 1,000 women based on that metric.

This means that each woman in the US would need to have at least two children, if not more.

The CDC? Are kids a disease now? I suppose so, so long as they’re white. What a shame that there’s no way to produce new Americans. Maybe Shitberg has a point…