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A few years ago, I read that the number of colleges in America, way too inflated, was going to fall by about a third within ten years. It’s well underway. The fly-by-night$ are dying all over. Now, cursed by their own stupidity, the smaller liberal colleges decline too.

Liberal arts colleges running out of woke white men?

The financial struggles of New England liberal arts colleges have been in the news lately. “Marlboro planning to give campus and endowment to Emerson College” describes the end of 73 years of operation in Southern Vermont. “Can small liberal arts colleges survive the next decade?” (Christian Science Monitor)

A friend who has worked at the highest levels of college governance said that these bastions of righteousness in which white males are blamed for most things are having difficulty recruiting white males. Why does that matter? “Once the men stop attending,” he noted, “then women don’t want to enroll.”


Get woke, go broke. Good on ya, men.