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The Substitute is out only a month now. It’s selling, though it has yet to receive the kind of reviews necessary to really promote it. Those, I suppose, are coming soon. And, soon … I intend to make a YT video for promotional purposes. Soon. Yet and still, I’m already getting requests for a follow-up.

A comment on this week’s TPC column:

When’s the next book in “The Substitute” coming out?!? I want to know how Tom’s school is going, as well as his love life! Will even proof, pre-press, for an autograph. šŸ˜‰

How can I refuse that? I can’t:

Thank you! 2!! books are currently underway. One is a near-immediate prequel to “The Substitute”, a fast-paced, first-person (Tom) action-intrigue thriller novella with the working title, “Aurelius.” About five chapters into that (maybe 25-30%). The second has another Latin title and is of a DARK subject matter, only tangentially related to The Sub. (Tom makes a mere cameo). But, yes, somewhere out there is a continuation – on several fronts. In brief: the school does well, and Tom and Carmyn are a thing. There’s so much backstory coming it’s indescribable, here and now. The great romances are coming. And more action. The big sellers… I will take you up on the offer! We shall initiate contact, likely via MB, soon. P

When? Probably this coming winter. I meant to have Aurelius online by Christmas, but I think that is not going to happen. Your Highly respected Web Log author, columnist, educator, and Novelist(!) is kind of busy.