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LRC has six graphs to put taxation and spending in perspective.

Combining state and local taxation with federal taxes, the increase is even larger. Taxation per capita at all levels combined grew 118 percent from $5,247 in 1960 to $11,461 in 2018.

The size and scope of government isn’t just growing to reflect population changes. After all, the US population only grew 81 percent from 1960 to 2018. And the federal government, embroiled in a global cold war amidst a rising tide of social programs, wasn’t exactly vanishingly small in 1960.

All six are eye-opening. But, as bad as they are, they’re still nothing like the rise in general inflation and the cost of usury sorcery. That 81% population increase is suspect as well, and for the same reasons associated with the money. Fake Americans and fake money make for a fake nation.