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Another Boomer reads from the worn, old script.

Dalio, who founded the hedge fund in 1975, told CNBC from the Greenwich Economic Forum that the national debt, pension liabilities and health-care liabilities will ultimately have to result in higher taxes since defaulting isn’t an option.

“We’re dealing with almost a currency issue, longer term, in terms of what is the value of currency when those liabilities – not only the debt liabilities, but the pension liabilities and the health-care liabilities, which are like debt. They are promises that have to be paid – they will either be paid by higher taxes or they’ll be not paid and defaulted on,” he said.

“I don’t think they will be defaulted on,” he added. “I think by and large they’re going to be paid, but if they raise taxes too much, then it changes the nature of that economics.”

Category error. It’s not “almost a currency issue.” It’s not economics. It’s sorcery. Including everything that could be a liability, there isn’t enough wealth left to tax. Default is a given. The choice is to do it peaceably and gracefully or to suffer collapse and war. And, war is the default condition.