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Get your kids ut of the failed government schools! The Daily Caller has an excellent omnibus article on the rot:

Local school systems across the country are proposing radical changes in the name of reducing demographic-based achievement gaps.

Parents who support Democrats at the federal level have recoiled at what they view as identity politics gone too far.

School systems in Washington state, Maryland, New York, Minnesota and Virginia are among those where radical agendas have become a flash point in schools, with parents fearing their children’s educations will suffer.

None of this is new or surprising unless you’re a boomer just awakened from your g-g-generational slumber. But, it’s a good running review. Read all about the “nonbinaries,” the white toxicity in the air, and those fairly radical atheists. Remember that all of these educrats and vultures, who run the schools, are themselves either mentally retarded, mentally ill, or purely evil.