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I’ve now seen a physical copy of The Substitute, and folks, it looks damned good!


Soon, I’m going to make a new video on the subject. I’ve now heard from several early readers that the thing really works, that it grabs the attention and doesn’t let go. That’s great to hear as the author. It’s a book with many levels and angles, a deep and important matter wrapped in a decent story with great characters. I was aware, pre-publication, that there was already a novel by the same name, featuring a substitute teacher. But, that work (which I suppose is a very good book too) is more of a girl’s romance fantasy(?) No relation beyond the title. And then, this week, someone made me aware of a smart boy on Farcebook who noted that there was a movie in the 90s by the same name. Again, there’s no relation. To my knowledge, there’s nothing else anywhere like my work. And, if you’re a movie or TV watcher, prone to Facebook philosophy, then I’ll go out on a limb and say that, even if you can read the book, you’ll miss the point. Sorry. Every one of the advance readers working on it now and commenting is at least a Mensa level thinker. That wasn’t the target audience, but it might help for a full appreciation. Anyway, I’ll have more in the video.

Some pictures:



See, Farcebookers, it’s 440 pages with no pictures. The cover, however, looks better in real life than on the digital previews. I’d give it an “A” but I could be biased.